Podcast #6

Phil Lucas [Twitch]

Twitch Podcast #6 Phil Lucas (Twitch)

‘I f**king hate recording mixes, they are actually the least craic ever. It’s really difficult to translate the energy you get DJ’ing in a club to people enjoying themselves, and bring that to your spare room while looking at the concrete wall behind your decks. Even the greatest of imaginations can only get you so far.

At the other end of that arguement, a club recording while sometimes perfectly suited for the room and environment you are in at the time doesn’t translate well for home listening.

I also have a tendency to overthink things as well hence the 2 paragraphs of shite I’ve just written about nothing.

But anyway, here is my attempt at a Twitch Podcast, I’m pretty f**king happy with it, a great mix of tracks mixed fairly well that reflect where I am at with music atm, please listen to it as intended and don’t flick through on Soundcloud or just steal tracks from the tracklisting without listening…’

Phil xx


1. Broodling – Like That
[How To Kill Detroit]

2. DaRand Land – Let’s Interact

3. Willow – Feel Me

4. Recondite – Nadsat

5. Leigh Dickson – Cresnet
[For Those The Knoe]

6. DAZE – Compton
[Lobster Theremin]

7. Christian S – Makina

8. Jeremiah R. – Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit

9. Richard Harrow – ∆ÇÎ∂ H∆MM€R
[Lobster Theremin]

10. Kowton -Glock and Roll

11. 1800HaightStreet – 111
[Lobster Theremin]

12. Basic Channel – Q1.1/I
[Basic Channel]

13. Dimi Angelis, Jeroen Search – Our Life With The Wave

14. Rene Foster – Midnight Sun (Rue East Remix)
[Futago Traxx]

15. Female – Cally 2
[Sandwell District]

16. Kassem Mosse – Demo Drums Ripping
[Kinda Soul Recordings]

17. Leigh Dickson – Praise 2014
[For Those That Knoe]

18. San Laurentino – The Last Corridor
[Mystic & Quantum Records]

19. Uanamani – Tesla Wireless
[Fundamental Records]

20. The Citizen’s Band – Freefall
[Tasteful Nudes]

21. The Commodores – Nightshift