Podcast #10

Chris McGinn Podcast #10


For Podcast #10 we have our former resident Chris McGinn providing the music again.

This is all in good timing as he will be joining us this Saturday (13th Aug) to play alongside Phil at our Palms Trax gig in the Bunatee.  This Friday (12th Aug) is also the very first time we ever played together before we all went on to form Twitch 10 years ago!



Damien Zala — Random Textures (Rowtag Records )
Benjamin Brunn — Dachrinnen (United States Of Mars)
TC80 — Ulysse (Eklo)
Mark Ambrose — Greetings from Madame Dominique (Mosaic)
Ion Ludwig — Alpha Chnages (Ugold Series)
Môme — Assata (Banoffee Pies)
Gregory Shiff — Recognize Me (Lo-Fi Stereo )
Leif — Macro Beat (Galdoors)
Robin Ball — Velvet (Groove Pressure 14)
Ana + One — Steps Away (Open Concept Recordings)
Rob & Si — Money Shot (White Untitled)
Modal — Lovers (Roy Davis & DJ Skull Dub)(Sounds.)
Malvito — Trigon (Syncrophone Recordings)
Arkajo — Manfas (Aniara Recordings)
Gez Varley — Old School Drift (Quatermass)
S. Moreira — Just a little Beat (Slow Life 03)

See you Saturday!