Twitch is 10! 10 of the Best: Timmy Stewart

Posted on: Oct 6th, 2016


Our top ten links in no order for Timmy Stewart ahead of our 10th Birthday:

1.Timmy has recorded a new podcast for us, you can listen or download the mix below:

2. Timmy’s excellent Boiler Room set from AVA:

3. In my opinion, The Jet Project’s finest moment, a remix for the legendary Two Lone Swordsmen:

4. Timmy’s Soundcloud:

5. Timmy as part of The New Aluminists on the timeless Paper Recordings:

6. Timmy recorded our first ever Twitch Podcast too, even if you caught it the first time it’s worth revisiting:

7. An excellent 5 minute video on Timmy’s Extended Play label:

8. The Extended Play website:

9. Bubba & T-Bone with the excellent Abe Duque:

10. Another Paper recordings release, this time as part of Future Rhythm Foundation, jazzed out house at it’s finest: