Twitch is 10! 10 of the Best: Kowton

Posted on: Oct 6th, 2016


Our top ten links in no order for Kowton ahead of our 10th Birthday:

1.We start big with probably Kowton’s biggest track to date, Glock & Roll:

2. Kowton x Boiler Room x Dekmantel:

3. A good read from Fact magazine about how Kowton “crushes the stigma around ‘functional’ dance music”

4. Kowton’s soundcloud:

5. Kowton put out an excellent album this year on Livity Sound, this is my pick from it:

6. A mix for Fact mag:

7. Peverelist is a legend, we were lucky to have him over last time Kowton played to do a back to back set, here is a Pev classic flipped by Kowton.

8. Spacious and brilliantly detailed remix of Tessela on R&S:

9. Off-kilter, euphoric and tough, all at the same time, Kowton’s productions are always experimental yet structured enough to work on dancefloors, he’s definitely got his own niche:

10. Kowton, again with Pev for 4 hours! Some of the stuff from the start of this on the roof would be nice: