Photos by Ruairi

Posted on: Nov 12th, 2014

Ruairi Drayne has been attending Twitch since the beginning and his photos haven’t just been the same tired old staged DJ shots, he has a unique ability to capture the atmosphere of the night. His photo sets on flickr are not stale samey event photos, they paint a story of the night, usually including the buildup and carryouts beforehand, through to the after parties and after-after partyies.

Anyway here are some early Twitch photo’s from Ruairi from before our Queen’s Students’ Union days, covering our first gig in what used to be Larry’s Piano Bar, Laverys and The Stiff Kitten. Make sure to check out his website at:

His Flickr at:

And if you’re friends with him on Facebook you’ll know he knows a good house tune or 2.

Here’s the photos, look out for a very different looking Phil, Matt raving as a punter at Twitch and some dodgy club decor!