MCDE & Antal Photo Gallery

Posted on: May 21st, 2015

So anybody that made it along to our party at the weekend with Motor City Drum Ensemble and Antal will know that it was a little bit special, with plenty of funk, disco and right through to techno and beyond, these two dug deep and didn’t disappoint, here are some photos of the night…

Many thanks to Ruairi Drayne for the photos, check out more of his images @


17-IMG_1460 06-IMG_1377 09-IMG_1391 21-IMG_2336 55-IMG_2740 24-IMG_3028 21-IMG_1484 24-IMG_1546 29-IMG_1601 36-IMG_1633 38-IMG_1641 42-IMG_1661 51-IMG_1731 55-IMG_1759 61-IMG_1816 65-IMG_1852 71-IMG_1937 74-IMG_1964 80-IMG_2040 83-IMG_2070 84-IMG_2085 85-IMG_2089 14-IMG_2277 16-IMG_2291 22-IMG_2351 23-IMG_2363 24-IMG_2373 25-IMG_2403 26-IMG_2411 27-IMG_2414 30-IMG_2436 32-IMG_2442 33-IMG_2444 34-IMG_2447 35-IMG_2461 40-IMG_2514 42-IMG_2558 43-IMG_2561 44-IMG_2569 47-IMG_2595 48-IMG_2601 50-IMG_2640 51-IMG_2650 53-IMG_2723 03-IMG_2761 05-IMG_2773 07-IMG_2808 09-IMG_2822 12-IMG_2860 14-IMG_2890 21-IMG_2988 22-IMG_3002 33-IMG_3167 01-IMG_2137 02-IMG_2145 03-IMG_2177 04-IMG_2182 07-IMG_2202 08-IMG_2243 09-IMG_2249 37-IMG_3223 40-IMG_3252 41-IMG_3253 42-IMG_3263 47-IMG_3303 51-IMG_3345 52-IMG_3357