Max Graef – Music preview

Posted on: Feb 2nd, 2016

While checking through Max’s discography for this preview something became very clear, very quickly…he has a back catalogue most artists would kill for. Debuting in 2013 on Melbourne Deepcast, he grabbed our attention instantly with a superb 4 track ep reminiscent of Andres & MCDE at their best.

Check the lead track from that release “Pedro” and you’ll see what we mean

Off the back of the success of his debut release, remix offers quickly flooded in later that year from the likes of Session Victim, Brandt Brauer Frick & Mr Scruff. The Scruff remix has been a staple at Twitch since it came out and I’ve included another remix after that which I’ve just discovered and can’t stop listening to:


2014 was career defining year for Graef thanks to the release of his debut album and one of my favourite House albums in recents years. Dance music LPs often suffer from a lack of variety and a tendency to fill the record with DJ friendly cuts with long intro’s and outro’s. This does not make for a pleasant listening experience but on “Rivers Of The Red Planet” Graef manages to swerve both those pitfalls and a future classic was born. See for yourself below…

Also in 2014, Boiler Room came calling and we found out, much to our annoyance, that Max is also a brilliant DJ 😉


And 2014 also gave us a collab EP with Glenn Astro on the mighty Ninja Tune

Graef then decided to add to his repertoire in 2015 by starting his own label “Money $ex Records” which saw him teaming up with Glenn Astro again to great effect!

Another Boiler Room appearance was to follow but this time we were treated to a live set with Kickflip Mike and if you do one thing this week, listen to this set. I can’t recommend this highly enough


At the end of last year another new project was unveiled as Graef showed us a different side of his music. Collaborating with live musicians the Max Graef Band was created and the album dropped in December. Check it out on Discogs or listen in full on Spotify. Here are a couple of tracks to give you an idea



And to finish off…some more Graef tunes of course. Max makes his Belfast debut this Saturday in The Bunatee and it’s just £10 in. Tickets also available from Resident Advisor