Interview: Jordan [Nocturne]

Posted on: Apr 13th, 2015

So first off, how did Nocturne begin?

Nocturne began after I returned from Leeds, where I did a degree in Music Technology, and was playing the likes of Mint Club, Wire & Back to Basics. When I came back there was something of a lack of gigs, having been removed from the scene in Belfast for the best part of five years, so I threw a dodgy all-nighter with Timmy Stewart, Lokokos & John Morrison, all who remain involved in the parties as residents & guests.



Tell us a bit about some of the guests you’ve had over?

We’ve had the likes of Huxley, San Soda, Tom Demac, Session Victim, Gerd Janson to name literally the first five who came into my head. All nice lads.



Which was your favourite?

San Soda was the first sell-out party we did (and only our second guest) so it was a bit of a stand-out, which was at Love & Death where we threw our early parties. The Session Victim party stands out as another full house, but it stands out as I was shitting it having organised it from a holiday in Tenerife due to taking a break for a bereavement, so I literally got off the plane and straight to the club which was a bit bizarre. The Huxley party was memorable because we had to reschedule it and my nerves were shattered, but Huxley was great on the night. Loads of parties are memorable for different reasons.



What music are you liking at the minute? Artists, labels, tracks?

Neville Watson, Iron Curtis, System2, Jordan Peak, Matthew Styles, Chicken Lips, Tuff City Kids, Matrixxman just by having a browse at recent stuff!



As a producer you have released recently on Classic one of our favourite labels, how did that come about?

I’d sent some demos over and Luke Solomon replied personally saying he was keen to get me involved, first via a compilation, with view to doing a remix for the label and EP. The first track came out earlier in the month as part of the sampler, and I’ve another one coming out later in the month on a compilation with Kris Wadsworth, Derrick Carter, Neville Watson & co. I love their stuff so it was nice that they were feeling the stuff. I have another release coming out this year on Extended Play, as well as an EP on Huxley’s new label.



Whats next for Nocturne?

I’ve been in talks about doing some parties in Dublin so hopefully we will be working toward that, and seeing how many more dodgy parties we can get away with… I’ve been talking about doing a label for about 2 years now so hopefully I will get round to that too. Hopefully more collaboration parties around the city too!


Twitch & Nocturne present: Move D


Twitch & Nocturne present: Power House w/ Head High & Prosumer