Artist In Focus: Chris Hanna

Posted on: Jun 24th, 2015

This Saturday night, the 27th June, Twitch welcome a regular on the local house and techno scene in Chris Hanna, but Chris will be performing a very special first ever live set for us. All his own material including loads of exclusive and unreleased tracks. Here is some background and music from Belfast’s not so unknown quantity.

Chris released a number of tracks via Belfast imprint Champion Sound after they received massive interest on Youtube under his mysterious Unknown alias, this sound was heavily influenced by Burial and the deeper side of dubstep. Here is Unknown #001, the track that started it all.

The 10 Unknown tracks are available on a downloadable compilation on Champion Sound as well as a couple of 12″ singles. You can purchase these via the link below:


With 10 Unknown tracks under his belt Chris developed the Unknown project into a live act alongside Irish vocalist Gemma Dunleavy making a number of festival appearances.

So since the breakup of this project Chris has morphed his Unknown project which became associated with the live act into another solo project Oneknown.

Here is one of Oneknown’s recent tracks…

He’s even released a very tasty Toto re-edit:

And also a Justin Timberlake edit:

While producing as UNKNWN, OneKnown and Unknown, Chris has kept producing under his own name with the sound more focused on a 4/4 style and on a much tougher tip than his other aliases.

Here are a few Chris Hanna tracks that have helped cement his place as one of the most exciting electronic artists coming out of Belfast, all these releases and tracks and he hasn’t even turned 25 yet.

First up Chris’s huge Psiren Song on Ejeca’s Exploris label:

and there’s loads more:

You can see Chris perform his exclusive first ever live set this Saturday night at Twitch alongside Dublin’s Bodytonic DJ’s!

For all the detail Facebook event: