2015 in Tunes: Part 3/3

Posted on: Jan 14th, 2016



We kicked off the final third of 2015 with Twitch favourite Joy Orbison & former Trouw resident Job Jobse playing all night long. From doors opened to the last track of the night these 2 provided great track after great track, the night starting of with more left field choices like:

Marie Davidson – Excès De Vitesse


Undoubtably one of the moments of the year for me was when Jobse played Garnier’s ‘Man With The Red Face’, a great track but it was the timing of him playing it, there was a prolonged period where the music seemed to progress to tougher and tougher sounds, building with each track till the expectation was for things to keep going darker. There was a real tension in the room and then this dropped in what was an instant release of the tension and an instant hands in the air / tops off dancefloor moment, probably my favourite musical highlight of 2015, not just for it being an absolutely seminal track but for how it was used;

Laurent Garnier – Man With The Red Face



We were so chuffed to have Hunee play for us, a DJ we had courted for a long time and he delivered a set of classic funk, disco, soul and house music, I’ll be completely honest and say I recognised very little of the music being played and had to hit up our Belfast Music Club bros for a couple of track I.D.’s. This was a very different gig for us in that we veered away from our usual house and techno with the odd curveball, this was pretty much a night of curveballs! Also on the night they accidentally put the aircon on in the Mandela instead of the Bunatee resulting in Hunee taps aff and a seriously warm room, apologies but we made it through it! Here are a few highlights:

Gonzalez – Haven’t Stopped Dancing Yet


Yello – Bostich


Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together



October saw us launch our Belfast Underground Radio show which takes place monthly where we broadcast live from Belfast Underground Records. Massive props to Dilly and everyone else involved in the launch and running of this amazing project which showcases the huge amount of musical talent Belfast and further beyond has to offer, we are happy to be involved with it and you can still stream our previous shows on the site. For our first show, Paddy and myself played, I awkwardly chatted and a decent crowd of people made the effort to come down to the shop for a beer and a dance on the night.

We then had the absolute pleasure of having the mighty, mighty Midland play an all-night-long set in The Bunatee as part of his All Night Long Tour where he played a number of his favourite venues taking control of musical duties for the whole evening. He even recorded the whole set at Twitch and shared it along with a full tracklist:



Some of my favourite tracks from the night were the following:

Jan Hammer Band – Don’t You Know


The Citizen’s Band – Freefall


Hubie Davison – Sanctified


I:Cube – Supernovac


We rounded off October with our usual Hudson Halloween party where we played house, techno and some daft Halloween classics to a bunch of ejjits in fancy dress! Great fun as always!



November was a big moment for our friends, party co-promoters and excellent local label, Extended Play’s 50th release which took the form of an extended compilation of local artists featuring Chris Hanna’s Bunatee referencing B.K.I.T.B. which formed a part of his live set at Twitch earlier in the year. A favourite of mine from the release was Bloomer White’s Body Sing (below), congrats to Timmy and John as well as everyone else involved in hitting the big five-O!

Bloomer White – Body Sing


November at Twitch kicked off with a live modular set from techno heavyweight Surgeon, another artist we had been on the trail of for some time trying to book and he was worth the wait playing a live set using a modular setup and this was another night where I recognised little of the music being played, lots of new material, some from his new release ‘From Farthest Known Objects’ released soon! Here’s a teaser:

Surgeon – BDF-3299


For our 9th Birthday we had Martyn booked but he unfortunately had to cancel and we are still working on a rescheduled date for 2016. But every cloud and all that, we managed to get the Excellent Pangaea from Hessle Audio to step in as a last minute replacement, and I mean last minute, Matt pulled this one out of the bag! If you’ve seen Pangaea previously, on his own or along with his co-label heads Ben UFO and Pearson Sound, you’ll know he plays it fairly tough and that’s how things played out! Here are 2 tracks that stood out on another sweaty, hazy night in the Bunatee!

DJ HMC Marauder


Randomer – Huh



To round off our Queen’s gigs in 2015 we welcomed back two members of Twitch royalty, the excellent Steffi and Virginia and they didn’t disappoint. This time around we were lucky to have Steffi playing a live set followed by Virginia DJing. Steffi’s live set was predominantly based in the tougher end of things with this track below making an appearance but there was a major ‘what the f**k is this track’ moment where Steffi played another Doms & Deykers release due in 2016 that did serious damage to the Mandela on the night.

Doms & Deykers – Whirling


Virginia then stepped up and played an incredible set, even better considering the airline managed to lose her records on her way to Belfast, limiting her options on the night! This Daft Punk classic during her set and another house classic from Hollis P Monroe to end the night, and what a night it was:

Daft Punk – Revolution 909


Hollis P. Monroe – I’m Lonely


We finished off 2015 with dance music legend Bill Brewster @ our Hudson Boxing Day party, from classic disco, house and beyond!

Chaz Jankel – Glad To Know You


There were also some amazing off-centre selections like one of electroclash’s few tracks that has stood the test of time, Royksopp’s incredible remix of Felix Da Housecat featuring the hauntingly beautiful vocals from Miss Kittin ‘What Does It Feel Like’.

Felix Da Housecat – What Does It Feel Like (Royksopp Return To The Sun Remix)


So onwards and upwards into 2016 and our 10th year of throwing parties! Thanks for another year of fun, taps aff and making Twitch such an amazing atmosphere and experience for the DJ’s we bring over, they are all blown away by what goes on in front of them every night!